eureka assembly and installation process

Eureka works hard to deliver on your demands time and time again. Our installation experts have professional experience assembling, installing, wall-mounting and securing, from in-home furnishings to an array of interior furniture pieces in hotels, offices and other large scale venues. We value our work but also value your time and money. For this reason, we have developed cost-effective and easy to understand pricing. Depending on the scope of work, please contact us for art installation pricing in Toronto, furniture assembly pricing in Toronto and furniture delivery pricing in Toronto. Our fees are determined by the scope of the job and job specifics. In order to provide clients with a quote, we request the original bill, model and make of items via e-mail. Please contact us directly for a customized estimate of your installation.

EUREKA Furniture Assembly Pricing

Prices vary on the item itself & the complexity of the installation. Although we do not charge any travel fees inside Toronto, we do have a minimum charges to come out. So even though this may be a small order, the time it takes to arrive to the job, unload, set up, perform the work & clean up – is time consuming.

  • Please have the exact links to the furnitures, correct Makes & Models, # of items, and any special requirements.
  • Is the job being done in a confined space? The more room to work in, the more efficient we can be!
  • Please take a moment to check that the items being installed fit in your space! Does the tall wardrobe needs to be built vertically because it cannot be built on the floor and stood up due to the constraint with the ceiling height?
  • Place the boxes in their designated rooms to avoid any shifting or moving prior to beginning the work order

  • Prepare by understanding the area of placement of the art. Although we help curate the installation, knowing the exact dynamics of the work order will with efficiency.
  • We use laser guided tools along with professional grade power tools and wall-specific fittings to install your art in a secure & safe manner
  • Have an art collage or art grouping in mind? Let us know and we could come consult prior to the installation.
  • Charges are almost always hourly as it depends on the walls that we work with, size and weight of the art as well as scope of the installation


EUREKA offers professional help in any stage of the IKEA kitchen installation process

  • Ikea Kitchen Design: Have one of our IKEA Kitchen Installation designers visit your premises, understand the scope of the ikea kitchen installation, measure, and prepare a printable design on the IKEA Kitchen Planner
  • Install: EUREKA has an easy to understand per cabinet installation pricing so you can have a base estimate of the installation. In Per Cabinet IKEA kitchen installation price we include the assembly, wall-mounting, levelling, installation of cabinets as well all the accessories inside the cabinets, doors, handles & drawers. Large panels, IKEA kitchen islands or other out of scope work that needs to be customized specific to the space we are working in is charged separately.
  • Customize: Have a tight space that needs to be filled with a not-so-standard cabinet? Want to have your existing IKEA cabinet modified by Length x Height x Width? Our teams are fully experienced and equipped in such work. Let us make your IKEA kitchen unique!
IKEA Kitchen Installation Pricing in Toronto

Our IKEA kitchen installation pricing in Toronto come at competitive rates considering the expertise of our IKEA kitchen service. For pricing in Toronto, get in touch with us with the IKEA kitchen planner, parts list and any details for a precise quote.

Art Installation and Mounting Pricing

Our art installation and wall mounting pricing is based on an hourly rate. Please contact us directly with details about your art, number of pieces, type of pieces and any specifics, we will do the rest.

Furniture Assembly Pricing in Toronto

We are known for our cost effective furniture assembly pricing in Toronto. Based on IKEA furniture such as beds, nightstands, tables and wardrobes, our prices typically range but all our apointments have a minimum order. We are reasonable, cost-effective and competitive, simply email us for a free estimate.

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Affordable Services and Customized Options

Beyond the above-mentioned pricing estimates, we always offer competitive furniture delivery pricing across Toronto and affordable art delivery pricing. Whatever assembly, installation, mounting or delivery job you have in mind, we will happily work with you to create a specific pricing quote for the job based on our expertise and your needs. If you have specific job order questions, email us with the make & model. You can also call us for a free quote at : 416-666-6672 or 1-844-666-6672. To guarantee a time slot, please book online now and our office manager will get back to you today.