Wall Mounting

eureka assembly and installation process

Hire the best Toronto wall mounting company today! Our professional, insured installers will come directly to your home or office to install wall mounts for wall cabinets, wall art, art collages, kitchen cabinets and wall systems. If you live in Toronto and need wall mounting help when it comes to proper measuring techniques, finding the appropriate studs, applying the right wall mounting hardware and hanging all sizes of furniture, art or mirrors on the wall, we can get the job done efficiently and with a smile on our faces. For those tough jobs that require mounting of irregular sizes, awkward shapes and heavy items, contact our team at Eureka today to help. We are known as the best wall mounting service in Toronto.

Wall Measurement

The first step in the wall mounting process is to take precise and accurate measurements of the wall where our team will efficiently and meticulously mount your piece of furniture, art, mirror or television.

Finding the Right Studs

Having mapped out the correct measurements for your wall mounting, our Toronto team will use their expertise to rapidly find the studs, ensuring that anything we mount on your wall is placed safely and securely.

Hanging Furniture

Once the wall has been measured and the studs are found, our AIMM certified installers will proceed to attach the wall mounting hardware and hang the required pieces, despite the size, shape or weight.

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Exceptional Quality and Trusted Service

As the most trusted wall mounting service in the Toronto region. We have experience hanging the heaviest and most awkward furniture. We have experience working with large scale corporate and residential clients hanging, mounting and assembling hundreds of pieces all in a days work. With years of experience in wall mounting in Toronto, we are the company of choice when furnishing your home or office. If you are in need of support for wall mounting and are in Toronto, contact Eureka today!