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Is EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installation Insured? Bonded?

Absolutely! We are fully insured and bonded for the type of work that we do, we also have an A+ rating on the web and we have hundreds of testimonials to prove that we take punctuality, reliability and consistency very seriously.

How does a client (Residential/Commercial) schedule an appointment with EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installations?

Whether you have just bought something, planning a purchase, or in need of bulk furniture assembly and installation, make sure to provide as much information as possible to guarantee a more accurate estimate. If you are in need of mounting something on the wall, please make sure to have your art placed in designated places or at least know the layout before we are on site. TV install? Know the size of your TV, the type of mount that you want and the area where you want it placed. Questions? Contact us anytime!

Send us an inquiry via email: (Include the Make, Model, Number of Boxes, your Location and Phone Number). If your job requires special attention or if you have further questions, please feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our Eureka Furniture Assembly professionals: 416-666-6672.

When can a customer schedule an appointment?

We provide furniture assembly, disassembly, wallmounting, set-up and installation services 7 days a week, so feel free to send us an email or simply call.

Are there any travel charges?

Possibly. There are no travel charges provided the customer lives within the Toronto area. There may be an incremental travel charge if the client is situated outside of Toronto. Customers will be informed of travel charges, if any, at the time of scheduling.

How can a client pay for Eureka Furniture Assembly & Installation service?

Unless other arrangements have been discussed, payment is to be made on the day of the appointment immediately after services have been rendered. Clients may pay via Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Paypal, and Electronic Money Transfer.

Will the technician move the product?

Our Assembly and Installation team will NOT move the furniture before or after delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the furniture placed in the room where it is to be built PRIOR to our arrival. If you are having furniture delivered from a retailer, please have the delivery personnel place the items in the appropriate rooms. EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installation personnel will not relocate cartons upstairs or move them from one room to another.

How much furniture assembly and installation space do you need?

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to delegate enough space for the craftsman to be able to assemble and work effectively. There should be minimum of 4 feet on either side when the product is lying flat. HOWEVER, some clients do not take into account especially tall items such as tall cabinets and bookshelves that require extra space when standing up (make sure that there is enough space for the finished product to be tilted up and to not hit the ceiling). Take accurate measurements when deciding whether to buy that extra-large wardrobe unit.

What if an item is discovered to be broken, missing or defective at time of assembly?

It is the customers responsibility to inspect the furniture cartons for obvious signs of damage immediately upon pickup or delivery of the items. In addition, please inspect cartons to ensure that the furniture and products are exactly what you have ordered, i.e., quantity, type, model, color, etc. EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installation personnel are not responsible for any damages beyond our control, i.e., concealed damages, damages due to factory defects, shipping mishandling, retail store mishandling, delivery mishandling, missing parts, wrong item, wrong color, etc.

If a problem is discovered during an assembly at a customer’s home or place of business, EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installation personnel will notify the customer immediately. The customer upon notification may elect to have the furniture built with defects or may choose to have the item(s) replaced by contacting the original place of purchase or the manufacturer. If, at the time of assembly, the customer chooses to replace the items and instructs EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installation personnel to discontinue assembly, the customer will be charged a minimum hourly fee (as stated on the invoice) plus any additional work time and travel charges which may apply.

How long does a Eureka Furniture Assembly & Installation service take?

Assembly times vary depending upon the number of pieces, size and the difficulty of the furniture assembly, wallmounting and installation job. Although two products may be the same, no two jobs are identical and certain variables may come into play and prolong or shorten the assembly time. Also consider the difference between hanging a painting onto drywall vs. concrete. No two jobs are the same, ask one of our knowledgeable EUREKA Assembly & Installation technicians for an estimated completion time.

Will technicians remove packaging materials?

Technician will NOT remove cartons from the premises; however, they will break them down and place them near the designated on-premises recycling areas. At times there may be a significant amount of packaging left over from a furniture assembly, wallmounting and installation job. Please make adequate arrangements with your management (if you live in a condo) to dispose of the trash.

Does EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installations warrant its work?

*Yes! EUREKA Furniture Assembly & Installation provides a 30-day warranty for certain furniture assembly, wallmounting and installations. The warranty starts from the day of the job ONLY on new, unopened, previously un-assembled products. This warranty does not supersede the manufacturer’s warranty on the product itself. *The customer must ask to obtain a warranty document at the time of the assembly to make the warranty valid. After the work has been rendered, client signs a waiver alleviating EUREKA Assembly & Installations, Inc. from any further obligations dealing with the work order.

Who do I contact if I have any further inquiries, questions, suggestions or comments about Eureka Furniture Assembly?

Please forward all your inquiries to or by phone 416-666-6672.

We hope to speak to you soon, please feel free to give us a call anytime.

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